Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Montréal Trip

Bonjour à tout le monde,

OUI, on a visité Montréal ^^
We went there for two days, with a huuuuge groupe of international students, and it was awesome!
Although we didn't see much of the city itself, because we only rushed from one thing to the next and did lots of stuff inside (like museums, a bagel factory, the cathedral...)
But the only thing I really remember from all the museums is that Montréal was founded in 1642 xD

During the trip I tried to use French, but actually Montréal is probably the worst city in the world to learn that language... everyone's bilingual and as soon as you make a small mistake, they know you're a tourist and switch into English :/

The two dinners we had were pretty awesome, although the first one was really embarrassing for me -.-
It was in a "pirate restaurant" in Montréal and we were kind of watching a show while eating. Each table formed a crew, and you always had to send one member to do a task. The person who won would get a card, and in the end the group with the most cards won. Their prize was to choose one person from each table to come up to the stage and dance (a really, REALLY embarrassing dance), and the moment the guy announced that, I knew they would choose me -.-
Firstly, because the winning group's captain was one of my friends, and guess what, I think I was the only person at our table whose name she knew.
Secondly, because it's ALWAYS the person sticking out that's being chosen, and unfortunately I was sitting with my friends from Korea and Japan, so I tried really hard to disappear behind one of them while eating my apple pie (I think I've never stared so intensly at a white plate).
It was no use though, so two minutes later I had to perform the "drunken bear dance".
And YES, there were (of course) those friendly people who video taped it, so I would always have a memory of this amazingly embarrassing moment of my life :'(

The second dinner was on the way back home, when we stopped at the "Sugar Shack".
It's a place where they produce maple syrup during spring time, and the one we went to had a restaurant too, so we got to eat dinner there.
The food was amazing, they served pea soup, eggs, sausages, bacon, pie, baked beans, pancakes and fresh bread.
And a bottle of Maple Syrup.
Sooo we put syrup on top of everything, and especially the bread tasted so good *-*
Just spread some butter on fresh bread (still warm) and then dip it in syrup, you'll love it!

That's basically all I did on the trip. Eating, museums and more eating xD
On the weekend I tried to do some of my homework, but it's just so much and my marks don't really count anyways, so I gave up after an hour.
And the Canadian Super Bowl game was on, which I had to watch, too ;)

Next week's going to be a lot of work then, with three tests, a literary discussion in English and two presentations :(

See you later

Typical houses in Montréal, they have their stairs outside xD might get slippery during winter :P

Notre Dame in Montréal - a pretty church, but the plastic floor kinda destroyed it...

Freitag, 14. November 2014

First Snow

Gooooood morning ladies and gentlemen,
Yesterday was Thursday, November 13th, please look through your window to see the first Canadian snow :D ^^