Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Walk-In Clinic

Hey guys :) (this time in English, I don't feel like German at all)

Today I woke up and my ear hurt quite a lot, so I asked my hostmum wether we could go to a doctor in the afternoon. Problem is, as an exchange student you can't just simply go to your hostfamily's family doctor, no, you'd have to visit a special walk-in clinic(or a hospital in case of an emergency).

So my hostdad drove me to one of them, because he had to go to work in that area today anyway, and when we arrived there were already about 20 people sitting inside, waiting. I went to the receptionist to show her my card and everything, and it was only then that I discovered that you actually have to pay 50$ just for going to the clinic, not even considering the costs of your medical treatment etc.. Of course they wouldn't take any credit cards and as I had only 40 $ with me, I had to phone my hostdad and ask him to drive back and lend me some money. Great. He was 15 minutes away, so I asked the nice and patient lady at the reception if I could have a number already while waiting for my money. She said no. "No number without money" (quote).

(For those of you who don't know irony, "nice and patient" was a pretty good example for it)

15 minutes later I came back inside and wanted to pay her and finally draw a number, but she suddenly seemed really confused, because you know what? You pay that stupid fee not until you actually go see the doctor... that was the moment I really got angry. I asked her how long it would probably take, and she told me "I have absolutely no clue, there are lots of patients here and I got lots of work to do, so just wait until your number and shut up".
At least that's what I understood, because she was basically turning her head away from me, so I had to ask her after each sentence what she had said. Being told to shut up did shock me quite a bit, but the guy next to me (who was someone from my gym class earlier this school year) said it might have been "wait until your number is shown up".
However, considering that the tone she was speaking in wasn't really polite either I don't care that much about what she said, I just got a little angry. Well, actually I was pretty mad at her.

Then, after almost 2 hours of waiting, it was my turn (finally) and I could go to the doctor, who then told me that my ear is perfectly fine and there's nothing at all he could do for me.
Eventually I convinced him to at least give me some sort of ear drops, which I had to buy for another 50$ at the drug store next doors.
Woooow and that's pretty much it, looks like a long text now but I just had to get rid of it -.-
I'm feeling exhausted.

Anyways, the actual day before that clinic-event was quite good, finished Romeo and Juliet in school today, talked to some girl from figure skating and now we're going to the movies on Sunday, AND someone told me that my German accent had almost disappeared :) I sort of feel like he just said that to be nice, but still it was something cool to hear.


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