Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Funny Questions People Asked Me

Heeeeyyy :D
Happy Thanksgiving ^^ I know it's actually only tomorrow, but today most families had their dinner (including mine) so I just felt like saying something nice at the beginning xD
However, this post is not about Thanksgiving (I might write about it tomorrow), but about some funny questions I've been asked during my time here. And there are LOTS of them O.o

  1. Have you ever heard of McDonalds?
  2. Do people in Germany use a different type of writing like in China?
  3. Do you have cars in Germany or do you prefer to walk wherever you need to go?
  4. Which place in Europe is the best to visit? (It turned out that Europe is actually a country)
  5.  The winters in Canada are almost as cold as the ones in Germany! (not a real question, but it's still funny though xD)
  6. Are English songs sung in German when you listen to them in German radio?
  7. So you have cellphones in Germany, too?
  8. Do you know what that is? (pointing at a chocolate chip cookie ^^)
  9. What language do you speak in Russ- Germany, I mean?
  10. And the following dialogue:
    "Have you been to Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia?"
     - "No, actually they don't exist anymore"
    "But I thought you were from Russia?"
     - "No, I'm from Germany :)"
    "Oh... so do you speak Russian?"
     - "No, we speak German"
    "But what language do you speak in Russia then?"
     - "Well, Russian I guess ^^."
    "I thought Germany belongs to Russia?"
     - "No it doesn't, it's an independent country..."
    "Ohh okay! I didn't know that :D I guess you learn something new everyday, eh? And do you speak English in Germany? With your parents?"
     - "No, we only speak German ;)."
    "But how comes you speak English now?"
     - "Well, I learnt it at school"
    "So they actually teach English in Russian schools?? I thought they wouldn't because the don't like the United States, you know."
     - "I'm from Germany... :/ "
That's it.
Hope you're all doing fine :)

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