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Trip to Niagara Falls

Hey guys,

Sorry for not writing ^^ I guess it's too late for posting something about Thanksgiving now, but we just spent the day with other family members (we went to my host-grandparents) and had lots of good food :) I didn't take any pics because I thought it wouldn't be appropriate as they were praying before starting the dinner so I didn't want to pull out my camera afterwards.
However, we're gonna have another turkey dinner tomorrow, so I hope I'll remember to take some photos then.
The meal was basically turkey with gravey and cranberries, stuffing, vegetables and dessert (which was actually the best xD). We had pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, apple crumble and someone even made a German Chocolate Cake ^^
Here are the pictures, finally:

Beautiful fields close to my host grandparents' house :)

The actual reason for why I'm writing is because I went to Niagara Falls on Thursday :D Yes! The real ones!
It was an International Day Trip which means that all the International Students went there together and it was sooo awesome, I'm sure everyone had a good time. We didn't go on the boat though, the "Maid of the Mist", in fact we only had 35 min at the Falls. Afterwards they gave us tickets for Madame Tussaud's, a 4D cinema and some kind of Believe-it-or-not-Museum. But, hey, it was fun too, so it doesn't really matter to me.
At the falls I finally found those awesome mittens that have the Canadian Maple leaf printed on, and a winter hat that says CANADA. I love them already xD
The bus trip was only 4 hours long, and it seems as if I get used to the Canadian understanding of "far away" and "nearby":
Obviously, if you go on a trip e.g. to Niagara Falls or Toronto or some similar place, you only have to stay in the car for 2 - 4 hours, which means it's pretty close, considering the fact that you'd have to drive about 8 hours to get to the next province which is Manitoba.
However, if you want to go to the Mall and say you'd take the bike because it's only half an hour away, or even if you just want to go from the Arena to the Chinese restaurant, which is a 15min walk, people look at you like "Are you crazy? That's too exhausting, I can drive you there!" ^^

So here are some pics of Niagara Falls:

Lake Ontario *-*

the Canadian Falls

Only in Canada xD

And the American Falls
The following two gravestones are legit :D I found them in Ripley's believe-it-or-not Museum.

See ya

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