Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

My Canadian Birthday

HELLO and welcome back ^^

Today I want to write about my birthday here, which was last Saturday, but (as usual) I forgot to blog about it the next day...
That morning I woke up at 7:00 or so, maybe half past, but I actually always do because that's the time when my hostsiblings wake up, and honestly there's no chance to sleep as soon as they start running around upstairs xD Whatever, I don't mind getting up early any more, so I just went upstairs and joined them.
The morning was pretty relaxed, I unwrapped my presents watched my hostbrother unwrap my presents and then tried to get the chocolate back ^^ We had pancakes for breakfast, and afterwards I helped my hostdad preparing the turkey dinner (*-*) for my birthday party (*---*) that same afternoon.
We had about 20 people at our place (my extended hostfamily) and LOTS of food (as always, haha :D) and then in the evening (here comes my favourite part) some chocolate cake! My hostmum put candles on top of it and they were all singing "Happy Birthday" for me. That moment I just felt so much at home and happy, it was awesome ^^
I even got some presents and really nice cards which I'd never have expected, and this really shows me how much luck I had with coming to exactly this hostfamily.
All in all the day was one of the best I had so far since being in Canada!

Other things that happened this week:
On Wednesday we went on a school trip to Toronto to see the Musical "Wicked", which is based on the Wizard of Oz but focuses on the two witches. Also, I think it's a lot darker, but it's a great story and I really enjoyed seeing it live on stage. During the intermission we all got "wicked" cookies, they were huge and green with a black hat, but totally NOT worth the 5,50 dollars I had to pay to get one :( On top of that, my lips stayed green for the rest of the day and I just didn't get the colour off xD

Tomorrow is Halloween *yay* and I'm looking forward to it :D

My birthday cake ^^ it was soo good *-*

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